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Maple Grove, the eighth largest city in Minnesota, is in north-central Hennepin County. Nearby communities include Brooklyn Park, Corcoran, Hamel, New Hope, and Osseo. Minneapolis is about fifteen miles southeast of Maple Grove. At one time, after other parts of Minnesota was being settled by whites, the area that became Maple Grove was inhabited by Winnebago Indians, who were moved there from Wisconsin by the federal government because "no one lived there." However, in 1851, Louis Gervais and Pierre Bottineau filed a claim there. W.E. Evans. Harvey Abel, Patrick Defer and O.R. Champlin came later, and were allowed to buy their claims. The first school was built in the late 1850s or early 1960s. Town meetings were held in private homes until 1863, when a town hall was built. Early businesses included sawmills, creameries, stores, and a few saloons. A train depot was built along Territorial Road, once the most traveled road in the state. A cheese factor was built nearby. With the construction and upgrades to Interstate Highways 94, 494, 694, and US Highway 169, Maple Grove's population grew rapidly, expanding by more than 200% in the 1970s.


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