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Mayer, Minnesota is situated along the South Fork of the Crow River in Carver County. Minnesota Highway 25 is the chief route through the city, although Minnesota Highway 7 is nearby. Nearby communities include Hollywood, Maple, and New Germany. Waconia is about seven miles southeast, and St. Bonifacius is about eight miles east of Mayer. When the first white settlers came to the area that would become Mayer, it was part of what was known as the Big Woods, which had water, plentiful wild game for food, and the natural materials to build houses. After staking their claims, the white settlers cultivated the land and created trading posts, which laid the foundations for the settlement that would become Mayer. Actually, the area we know today as Mayer was first called Helvetia, an ancient name for Switzerland. John Buhler, a Swiss immigrant, laid out the town, and operated a general store there. With the coming of the railroads, the settlement of Helvetia began to decline, as both businesses and residents began moving to be nearer the railroad, creating a new settlement that they called Mayer. The railroad was a major factor in the success of the new town. Although it no longer serves the area, the railroad was an active force in Mayer until the Burlington Northern Railroad abandoned its track through the city in 1985. A school was established in the 1880s, although its school district has since consolidated with Watertown, which hosts all of the district’s public schools. Mayer Lutheran High School is located in Mayer, however. Mayer is home to the Mayer Blazers, an amateur baseball club in the Crow River Valley League of the Minnesota Baseball Association. The population of Mayer has not decreased since 1930, and its population rose by 215.7% at the time of the 2010 census.



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