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The city of Melrose is in Stearns County, Minnesota. The chief routes through the city is Interstate Highway 94 and County Road 13. Nearby communities include Freeport, Greenwald, Meire Grove, New Munich, St. Rosa, and Sauk Centre. St. Cloud is about thirty-five miles east of Melrose. Melrose Township was established in 1866, largely be settlers from Maine, and the village was incorporated in 1881. The township exists yet as as separate political entity, and includes the northern two-thirds of the city. Both the township and city were named for the first parts of the names of two pioneer women, Melissa and Rose. Topics relating to either the city or township are appropriate for this category. The aviator, Charles Lindbergh, lived in Melrose for a time as a child, as his father resided there. James Gallagher, the first man to pilot a plane non-stop around the world, grew up in Melrose and graduated from Melrose High School.



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