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Named for Lake Miltona, the city of Miltona, Minnesota is in Douglas County. There are actually three lakes in Miltona. There is also Lake Irene, which was originally named Reservoir Lake, and Lake Vermont, sometimes referred to as Crooked Lake. Before 1858, there were no settlers in the area, as southern and western Douglas County was Indian territory. By 1851, the Dakota and Ojibway had ceded their lands and, by 1858 the Red River Trail cut through the area, connecting the Red River of the North with the Mississippi River. A post office was established in 1873. The 1862 Homestead Act offered land to anyone who would clear it and live on the land for five years, and the end of the Sioux Uprising opened more lands to white settlement. In 1870, there was a stagecoach stop known as Alden Hamlet on Boggy Creek, south of Lake Irene. Ten years later, Spruce Hill Village was founded, and had a post office. The old Military Road was nearby. Further north, there was the Village of Spruce Center. Three miles away, was Rose City. Founded thirty years later and incorporated in 1930, Miltona was the youngest town in the area, but also the largest. Miltona Township was organized in 1872. The Soo Line Railroad came through in 1902, which prompted the founding of Forada, Carlos and Miltona. John Hintzen bought the land that would become the village of Miltona in 1902, laying out the village. A depot was built in Miltona but, before then, there was a place on the northeast side of Lake Irene, known as Old Spur, where people caught the train. Soon, schools and churches were built. Because of its lakes and scenery, Miltona became a popular resort community, with summer residents building lakeshore cabins. In 1970, a tornado touched down in Miltona, destroying businesses in the center of town as well as several homes. In recent years, homes have replaced farms and fields surrounding the city, and many of its residents work in Alexandria or Parkers Prairie.



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