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Minnesota Lake, Minnesota is in the central southern part of the state, not far from the Iowa border. The small city is primarily in Faribault County, although a portion of it extends into Blue Earth County to the north. Minnesota Highway 22 is the chief route through the city. The city was founded along the eastern shores of the old glacial lake for which it was named. Kremer's Marsh and Stockman Marsh are also located in old near Minnesota Lake. Nearby communities include Delavan, Easton, Mapleton, Mattawan, Sterling Center, Waldorf, and Wells. Blue Earth is about twenty-five miles southwest, Mankato about twenty-five miles north, and Albert Lea about thirty miles southeast of Minnesota Lake. Among the earliest settlers in the area were the family of Chauncey Barber and Nicholas J. John, and John P. Kremer. The Kremer brothers had come from France by way of New York and Wisconsin, while Mr. Barber built the town's first hotel, and spent the rest of his life there, not only running the hotel but also doing some blacksmithing, carpentering, and merchandising. Originally, the new settlement was named Marples in 1858, for Charles Marples, another early settler. After he moved to Missouri, the town's name was changed to Minnesota Lake in 1866, when it was laid out along the east bank of the lake, and incorporated in 1876. Throughout its history, Minnesota Lake has been a small town with a relatively stable population. With a peak population of 697 in 1960, its population hasn't varied much since 1900.



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