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Nashwauk is in Itasca County, in northern Minnesota. US Highway 169 and Minnesota Highway 65 are the chief routes through the city. Along Highway 169, Keewatin is northeast of Nashwauk, while Calumet and Marble are southwest. The community of Pengilly is south. Prior to white settlement of the region, northern Minnesota was a vast forest occupied by the Sioux, and then by the Chippewa. In the 1880s, white loggers came to the area, but few settled permanently until iron ore mining began in the early 1900s. Nashwauk was the first mining town to develop in Itasca County, and the first ore shipped was from the Hawkins Mine. There were four active mines in Nashwauk Township. A spur from Hibbing of the Great Northern Railway was built to Nashwauk for the purpose of shipping its ore. In the summer of 1902, forty acres was acquired by the Nashwauk Realty Company, who platted the town. Nashwauk was incorporated in January of 1903. The first ordinance passed by the town council was one regulating the sale and consumption of liquor. At that time, there were twenty-one saloons in town. A post office was established in 1902, and wood sidewalks were installed in 1903. Soon, permanent homes were replacing log huts and tents, and the town had electric street lights by 1906, and a sanitation system in 1908. Nashwauk’s current city hall building was constructed in 1915. The village became a city in 1974 when the state legislature changed the status of all of the state’s villages to that of a city. Topics related either to the city of the township of Nashwauk are appropriate for this category, including businesses or organizations located within either.



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