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Situated less than eleven miles from downtown Minneapolis, New Hope, Minnesota is a Twin City suburb. Nearby communities include Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, Medicine Lake, Osseo, Plymouth, Robbinsdale, and St. Louis Park. New Hope was an agricultural community in the early 1900s, at which time it was part of Crystal Lake Township. When housing developments began to spread west from Minneapolis in the 1930s, farmland was developed and movements began to incorporate parts of the township. Residents of Crystal broke off to form a city in 1936. However, residents in the western portion of the township broke away from the new city of Crystal and formed their own township, naming it New Hope Township. By the early 1950s, parts of New Hope Township were annexed by Crystal and, to avoid further losses, New Hope was incorporated as a city in 1953, a move the was opposed by the farming community but, by then, farmers were a minority. By 1958, New Hope’s population rose from six hundred to two thousand, five hundred. By 1971, its population was twenty-four thousand. Since then, its population has been in a slight decline, however.


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