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Newfolden, Minnesota is located along the Middle River, in Marshall County, which is in the northwestern part of the state. US Highway 59 intersects County Road 28 in Newfolden. Nearby communities include England, Florian, Foldahl, Holt, Middle River, and Strandquist. Thief River Falls is about eighteen miles south of Newfolden. A post office has been in operation in Newfolden since 1896, and the community was named for Folden, Norway. When the Soo Line Railroad decided to acquire land to build a station and village in a wooded area along the Middle River in 1903, settlers thought that a better place for the rail station would be in their village of New Folden, which was two miles south, in the center of New Folden Township, and already had a post office and store. The railroad found that the river and woods of the new site to be a more attractive site, and they could purchase it cheaply. The Soo Line named its new village Baltic, for the Baltic Elevators that were built along the rail line. The mostly Scandinavian settlers of the village did not like the name, however, so they moved the post office from New Folden to the new site, and named it Newfolden. In 1904, the railroad purchased a 160-acre homestead from a local farmer and 40 acres from another. By 1905, Newfolden had a population of 180, and included a milling company, three stores, a lumber company, a livestock shipper, implement dealership, two hotels, a restaurant, a hard and soft drinks establishment, grist mill, a drug, confectionary and tobacco store, and a bank. Never a large town, Newfolden has a population of just over three hundred as of the 2010 census, but its business district is alive, and the small town has a community center, fire station, churches, schools, government offices, and a number of businesses.



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