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Odessa, Minnesota is situated near the Minnesota and South Dakota border in Big Stone County in lower eastern Minnesota, just north of the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge. US Route 75 and Minnesota Highway 7 run together, serving the chief route through the city. Ortonville, Minnesota and Big Stone City, South Dakota are northwest of Odessa, and Correll, Minnesota is east of the city. The Minnesota River makes up a portion of the southwestern border of the city. The first white settler of the area is believed to be A.D. Beardsley, who managed the Milwaukee Railroad depot there in 1879, and opened a general store there. There are three possible sources for the town’s name: the city in Russia from which early settlers imported seed wheat, Beardsley’s daughter Dessa, or an early settler by the name of John Desso. The town grew up along the railroad track. Never a large town, Odessa’s population peaked at 316 in 1940 and, except for an increase of 19.5% in 2010, it has been in decline, its 2010 population being lower than its population in 1900.



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