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Pine River is in Cass County, in upper central Minnesota. Minnesota Highways 84 and 371 are the main routes through the city, but there are also several county roads connecting Pine River to nearby communities. Pine River is on the south shores of Norway Lake, adjacent to Chickamaw Beach, and on both banks of the river for which it was named. Jenkins is about six miles southeast, Backus about ten miles northwest, and Pontoria about thirteen miles north of Pine River. The first settlers to come to Pine River were involved in logging and trading furs. The fur traders began coming to the area in the early 1700s, predominantly with the Northwest Company When the Red River routes began to open the area up for trade, lumbering became important in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These industries gave way to an agricultural economy as the forest resources were depleted, and today the city depends largely on tourists, as it has become a major resort area, given the fact that more than four hundred lakes are located within thirty miles of the city. Located on what was then the corner of Barclay Township and Pine River Township, Pine River was incorporated as a village in 1901. A post office was established there in 1877. Pine River Township remains a separate political entity, and includes the western edge of the city of Pine River. Topics related either to the city or the township are appropriate for this category.



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