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Rice, Minnesota is in western Benton County, east of the Mississippi River and west of Little Rock Lake, with US Highway 10 serving as the chief route through the city. Initially an Ojibway territory known as Sand Prairie, the Native American inhabitants of the region were forced to cede their land under mandate of the United States government with the Treaty of 1837. European-American settlers began moving to the area in 1844, and the Territory of Minnesota was established in 1849, after which Benton County became one of its original nine organized counties. The village was named for George T. Rice, a hotel and mill owner who had come from Massachusetts in 1864, and was instrumental in developing the area. The Northern Pacific Railroad came through in 1877, and George T. Rice built the Luther Hotel. Rice was incorporated as a village in 1890. Its population was under five hundred until 1980, but has been increasing since, with a population of more than one thousand and two hundred in 2010. Nearby communities include Brockway, Langola, Royalton, St. Stephen, and Watab.



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