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Rockville, Minnesota is situated along Minnesota Highway 23, between Cold Spring and Waite Park. The city abuts a small portion of I-94 in the northeast. County Road 47 crosses State Highway 23 in Rockville.

Cold Spring is approximately five miles west-southwest, Luxemburg about six miles east-southeast, Marty six miles south, Waite Park nine miles northeast, St. Augusta ten miles east, and St. Joseph about ten miles to the north.

The Sauk River runs through the city, with the original settlement site being at the junction of the Sauk River and Mill Creek. Rockville also has several lakes and smaller bodies of water, including Grand Lake, Pleasant Lake, Rausch Lake, and others, mostly in the south and east of the city.

Pleasant Lake is also the name of a former city that was merged with Rockville in 2002, at which time Rockville Township also became part of the city. Now a northeast neighborhood of Rockville, Pleasant Lake was settled around 1890 and incorporated in 1938.

Rockville itself was platted by H.C. Waite and D.H. Spicer in 1856, and named for the granite rock formations on nearby streams. Waite soon sold his interests in the town to Spicer, who leased the water power to Newt N. Smith. A post office has been in operation in Rockville since 1857, its first postmaster being Levi Gaylord.

Sometime around the start of the Civil War, Smith constructed the first mill on Mill Creek. The first store in Rockville was opened by W.B. Mitchel, who ran the store with his father.

The community soon became known for its granite. Both the Clark & McCormack Company and the Rockville Granite Company had operations in Rockville, which turned out some of the largest granite contracts in the northwest. The Clark and McCormack Quarry and House were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The McCormack Quarry was established in 1907, producing Rockville Pink granite. The John Clark House was constructed in 1924, using granite from the quarry.

Another significant historical business in Rockville was the Rockville Creamery and Cheese Factory, which was formed by William Brinkman, Pierre Hanson, John Wolf, John Weisman, Mike Boos, Peter Hengel, and Peter Decker in 1897. The creamery was located in the western portion of the city. Originally, the creamery was operated as a cooperative, but Hanson bought up all the shjares in 1899, operating the business with his son until 1918, when it was sold to Henry Witte.

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