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The small city of Round Lake, Minnesota is in southeastern Nobles County. The large body of water by that name is not actually within the city limits, but a couple of miles northeast of the city. Round Lake is the nearest city to the lake, however.

Iowa Lake, which straddles the Minnesota-Iowa border, is approximately the same distance from the city as Round Lake. Other lakes in the region surrounding Round Lake are Indian Lake, Illinois Lake, and Lake Ocheda

Round Lake is served by Minnesota State Highway 264, Country Road 1, and County Road 3. Sioux Valley is about eight miles east of Round Lake, Spafford is about ten miles northeast, Brewster about twelve miles north, and Worthington is about thirteen miles to the north. Harris, Iowa is about nine miles south-southeast, and Lake Park, Iowa is about fourteen miles southeast.

The city owes its origins to the Burlington Railroad, which completed its line connecting Lake Park, Iowa to Worthington, Minnesota in 1882. The railroad established a station there.

Originally, the community was named Indian Lake, for the township that it was located in. However, when O.H. Roche contributed twenty acres for a townsite, he asked that it be named Round Lake, the nearby body of water that he was fond of.

A town was platted in December of 1882, but none of the lots sold that first year. The only two buildings on the townsite were constructed by the Burlington Railroad, and the section foreman and his crew were the only residents until October of 1883 when a man by the name of E.A. Tripp was hired as station agent. A post office, named Indian Lake, was established in March of 1884, of which Tripp was named the postmaster. After another post office in Minnesota named Round Lake was closed, the Indian Lake post office was changed to Round Lake.

A few businesses were established, but the town had only thirty-four residents by 1887, In 1889, the town was re-platted, correcting some legal problems with the original plat, and the town began to grow. By 1898, the town had one hundred and seventy-nine residents, a school, a bank, a newspaper, and a few other businesses, and the town was incorporated in October of that year.

Nevertheless, Round Lake has always been a small town. At its peak, in 1970, the population of Round Lake was five hundred and six. Its population has decreased every census year since.

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