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Saint Mary's Point is a small city, of under four hundred, on the west banks of Lake Saint Croix, which is a wide spot in the Saint Croix River, which separates Minnesota from Wisconsin.

Besides the lake, it is bordered by Lake Saint Croix Beach to the north, and Afton to the west and south, both of which are primarily residential. It is separated from Afton by Bolles Creek. The main route through the city is Saint Croix Trail South (County Road 18), which connects the three cities.

With the exception of a small portion of the city in the northwest, the land area of Saint Mary's Point is within a protected zone along the river. Consequently, there is little or no commercial property in the city.

Saint Mary's Point Arena opened in 1968 using natural ice, the idea being to have a roof over a sheet of ice so that it wouldn't have to be shoveled. This became a fully enclosed building, and a couple of years later an ice plant was added in order to extend the ice playing seasons. The facility is now used year-round.

Many of Minnesota's earliest pioneers came through the area before Minnesota became a state. Several French-Canadian families settled in the area prior to 1837, but it became popular in the early 1900s when investors and wealthy people from the Twin Cities found Saint Mary's Point to be ideal for vacation cabins and resorts. Saint Mary's Point began as a lake camping area, and some of these early cottages and summer homes are still in existence today.

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