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Named for Saint Michael Roman Catholic Church, the city of Saint Michael, Minnesota is in eastern Wright County.

The Crow River separates Saint Michael from Rogers to the east. It also abuts Albertville, Hanover, and Otsego, as well as Buffalo Township, Monticello Township, and Rockford Township. Interstate Highway 94 and Minnesota State Highway 241 are the chief routes through the city.

The area that was to become Saint Michael was first settled in the mid-1850s. The church that became the city's namesake was originally built along the Crow River, in Frankfort Township, in 1856. A post office was established, under the name of Saint Michael, prior to 1858. Saint Michael was incorporated as a village in 1866, and the church later moved to the village center. The village became a city in 1890.

Until the Interstate was constructed in the early 1970s, Saint Michael was largely agricultural. The Interstate linked the village to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, making it attractive for families who worked in the Twin Cities but wanted to live in a smaller town. Although much larger today, Saint Michael still includes rolling farmlands, preserved woods and open spaces, and a dozen lakes.

Saint Michael annexed Frankfort Township in 1996, giving it a land area of thirty-seven square miles. Although the city's population was under a thousand in 1960, today it has a population of more than seventeen thousand.

The city's downtown district was established at its current location, at the intersection of Trunk Highway 241 (Central Avenue) and Wright County State Aid Highway 19 (Main Street). Over time, the city's commercial district has expanded along Central Avenue toward the Interstate.

Today, the town center region includes commercial and residential properties, as well as parks and other public spaces.

In 2002, the city voted to create a 28-acre public area known as Becker Big Woods. Located in the southwestern part of the city, the area represents a small portion of what was once a Big Woods extending from Monticello to Mankato. The southeastern part of the city abuts Crow-Hassan County Park, across the river, which includes six lakes and ponds. On the Saint Michael side of the river, the city maintains Recreation Center Park. Other parks and green spaces within the city are Frankfort Hills Park, Highwoods Park, Preserve Park, and Walnut Park. Fox Hollow Golf Club is in the southeastern part of the city, and a portion of Cedar Creek Golf Course is in Saint Michael.

Lakes within the city include Beebe Lake, Foster Lake, Gonz Lake, Steele Lake, Uhl Lake, Lake Wilhelm, and other smaller bodies of water. Additionally, the city borders Lake Charlotte, Moore Lake, Pelican Lake, Schmidt Lake, and Wagner Lake.

The city is served by three public school districts. Although most of the city is within Saint Michael-Albertville Independent School District #885, a portion of the city on the east is served by Elk River Independent School District #728, and a portion of western Saint Michael is served by Buffalo Independent School District #887. Saint Michael Catholic School enrolls more than three hundred students in K-8th grade.

Although the Church of Saint Michael is the only building in the city listed on the National Register of Historic Places, there are others that might qualify, including some of its remaining farms and barns. The Corner Bar, on Main Street, has been in operation since 1897.

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