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Sebeka, in Wadena County, Minnesota, developed around the railroad depot for the K-Line of the Great Northern Railway.

In 1892, the Great Northern Railway extended its K-Line to the region, and the area was settled around the rail depot. The earliest industry in the area was logging, so the K-Line brought people in and transported lumber out.

The Anderson Pioneer Store was the first store in Sebeka. Prior to its establishment, settlers bought their goods in Wadena or New York Mills, which was a three-day trip by oxen or on foot. By 1891, Sebeka had a general store, a hotel, and a sawmill. Until it was destroyed by fire in the early 1900s, the hotel served as a gathering place for early settlers and people traveling through. By 1908, Sebeka had a two-story brick schoolhouse.

In 1900, the town had a population of 223. Since then, it has grown slowly, with a few decreases. Its peak population was 823 in 1960, and its current population is around 700.

The main roads leading through the city are US Highway 71, Minnesota State Highway 227, and the historic Jefferson Highway, which is Jefferson Avenue in Sebeka. The Jefferson Highway once reached across the central United States from New Orleans, Louisiana to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Portions of the highway are still named Jefferson Highway but, as it passes through Sebeka, it is known as Jefferson Avenue.

The Redeye River winds through the city, flowing generally in a southeasterly direction from northwest Sebeca, exiting the city at its eastern borders, just south of center.

Lyons State Forest, Huntersville State Forest, and Smoky Hills State Forest are about 16 miles southeast, 21 miles northeast, and 30 miles north-northwest, respectively.

The city of Blue Grass is about ten miles southeast, and Park Rapids is about twenty-one miles north of Sebeka.

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