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Not to be confused with Sherburne County, in another part of the state, the small city of Sherburn is in Martin County, in the central southern part of Minnesota.

Sherburn is bordered on the northeast by Temperance Lake, and Fox Lake is just north of the city.

The main routes through the city are Interstate Highway 90, which crosses northern Sherburn, Minnesota State Highway 4, which enters the southern part of the city from the west, then turns north-northwest to intersect I-90. The City of Fox Lake is just under five miles to the east-northeast, Alpha is about eight miles to the west, and Dunnell is about the same distance to the south-southwest.

Sherburn has never been a large city. At its peak, in 1980, it had a population of 1,275.

Like many Minnesota communities, Sherburn was settled in the mid-19th century. During the latter portion of the American Civil War, a sod tavern was established on the north banks of what was then Lake Manyaska, south of Sherburn. Since stagecoaches from Fairmont to Jackson, and from Saint James to Estherville, crossed in that area, it became a stage stop. Some of these travelers stayed, and before long there were houses and a post office was established in 1879.

More settlers began arriving in Martin County after the railroad entered the region in the late 1870s. A land speculating company known as Cargill, Bassett, and Hunting bought land in the area of Sherburn and lobbied for a depot there. Steam locomotives had to stop for water often, so stations were located every fifteen to twenty miles, and Sherburn had a railroad station.

When settlers decided that it was time to incorporate, several names were considered, including Lone Cedar, Huntington, and Vestal, but when the Southern Minnesota Railroad came through in 1878, the town was named Sherburne for Sherburne S. Merrill, the general manager of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul Railroad. The trailing "e" was later dropped to reduce confusion with Sherburne County.

In 1988, the city consolidated its school system with that of Trimont and Welcome, forming the Martin County West School District. In 1999, its police department was consolidated with Welcome, forming the Sherburn/Welcome Police Department.

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