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This guide to services and industries in Shoreview, Minnesota includes manufacturing plants that are headquartered or located within the city, nurseries, farms or other agricultural concerns, telecommunications and utilities, and any of a number of services.

These may include advertising and marketing concerns, attorneys and firms offering legal services, automotive and marine services and repairs, computer or electronics repair, employment services, catering and event planning, funeral services, and photographic services.

Financial services, such as accounting and bookkeeping, banks and credit unions, financial consulting services, insurance and mortgage companies, and others.

Also included are such businesses as construction companies, developers, and those offering roofing and siding services, electricians, HVAC companies, landscapers, painters, plumbers, home designers, and cleaning services are appropriate for this category.

Pet sitting and boarding services in Shoreview, as well as those offering pet grooming and training services, may be listed in this category.

Publishing and printing companies in Shoreview are among that are appropriate in this category, as are self-storage services, and moving and relocation companies.

Cable television services, cable, and landline telephone services, and Internet service providers based in Shoreview may be listed here, as may those headquartered elsewhere, but only if they have a site or subsection of their site dedicated to their Shoreview business.

Gas companies may be listed here, with the exception of gas stations because they would be listed in the Places to Shop category. Natural gas and propane delivery services may be listed here, as may water utilities, whether publicly or privately owned.

Any other services or industries in Shoreview, Minnesota may also be submitted to this category.

While Shoreview's early industries included farming, dairies, and haying, there are no working farms left within the Shoreview city limits, and the last barn was demolished before the turn of the 21st century.

Other early industries in Shoreview included the Peoples Ice and Coal Company, whose building rose five stories above Lake Owasso. Most of its crew were local farmers, who scraped the snow, cut the ice along the eastern shore of the lake with large circular saws, and moved the 400-500 pound ice blocks into the building, covering them with sawdust, which prevented them from quickly melting in the summer. The company also delivered coal.

The first telephone services in Shoreview were provided by Turtle Lake Rural Telephone in the early 1900s.

People with a team and wagon would often hire out to deliver produce and other products to market.

Today, the city is almost entirely developed, except for land set aside for recreation, but there are some vestiges of its former industries. While no one is raising cows for dairy production in Shoreview, Land O'Lakes has a corporate office in Shoreview.

Manufacturing is a part of the city's economy, but most of its industries are white-collar. The city's largest employer is Deluxe Corporation, which provides custom products and marketing services to other businesses, including its flagship check printing services, as well as logo design, website development and hosting, social media management, search engine optimization and marketing, and a line of promotional products. PaR Systems specializes in automated manufacturing and material handling equipment and, also based in Shoreview, TSI Incorporated is a worldwide company that designs and manufactures performance measurement tools and precision measurement instruments.

These and any other services or industries in Shoreview, Minnesota may be submitted to this category, regardless of their size.



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