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Silver Lake occupies the northern shore of the lake with that name in McLeod County, Minnesota. It is just north of South Silver Lake, an unincorporated community in Rich Valley Township.

The unincorporated communities of Komensky and Sherman are six miles west and eight miles northeast, respectively. The nearest incorporated city is Glencoe, the county seat, about ten miles south of Silver Lake.

Minnesota State Highway 7 is the chief route through the city. County Highway 2 connects Silver Lake with South Silver Lake and Glencoe, and County Highway 92 forms Silver Lake's Main Street. Swan Lake and Swan Lake County Park are just a few miles to the east-northeast, and the smaller Lake Betty is in South Silver Lake.

The first settlers along Silver Lake were the Sioux, and several Indians wars were fought in the area.

In the late 1800s, white settlers began moving in, and the village was platted in 1881, and incorporated in 1889. The village's first sidewalks were wood boardwalks, and its street lights were kerosene lamps. The Church of Saint Joseph was established at Bear Creek, south of Silver Lake, in 1873.

Operated by J.J. Totushek and J.S. Jerabek, a flour mill was established in 1885 or 1886, and in operation until 1920. The Silver Lake Creamery began operations in the 1890s and was later relocated near the lake. A new creamery was built in 1914. The Silver Lake Brewery ran from 1886 to 1917, and a post office was established in 1889.

Other early businesses included a store operated by Theodore and John Mims, John Vojta's blacksmith shop, Joe Lowy's grocery store, Chalupsky's Hardware Store, and the Jerabek Grocery and Dry Goods Store.

In 1901, the Silver Lake Printing Company began publishing a local newspaper known as the Silver Lake Leader. Silver Lake High School held its first graduation on June 1 of 1914.

Silver Lake developed slowly when the Minneapolis, Lyndale and Minnetonka Railroad, which later became part of the Great Northern Railroad, decided to run their rail line on the south side of the lake, building a station that became South Silver Lake. However, in 1915, the Luce Line Railroad was built just north of Silver Lake. When the new rail line chose to run its tracks north of Silver Lake, the railroad business was taken over by the new station, and the town of South Silver Lake deteriorated. The Luce Line Railroad was owned by Kernel Luce.

Although Silver Lake has never been a large town, its population has been mostly growing, other than a couple of small decreases.

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