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This guide is focused on services and industries in the city of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

Sleepy Eye began as a railroad town, but agriculture has always been an important industry in the town, and continues to be. However, any topics related to services or industries in Sleepy Eye are appropriate topics for this category.

Farms, ranches, plant nurseries, and companies that manufacture or produce products to support the agricultural industries are on-topic in this category, along with those processing farm products, such as elevators or creameries.

Sites listed in this category may include those representing advertising and marketing firms of any type, as long as they are based in Sleepy Eye. Web designers, as well as those offering search engine optimization or Internet marketing may be included.

Attorneys and legal services are appropriate for this category, as are financial services, such as banking, accounting, mortgage companies, and insurance agencies.

Repair services are on-topic in this category. This may include auto repair companies, those offering computer repairs and servicing, and those repairing electronic equipment.

Electricians, plumbers, painters, landscapers, interior designers, construction companies, and other contractors may be listed in this category if they are headquartered in Sleepy Eye. Local housecleaning companies are appropriate for this category, too.

Of course, sites representing manufacturing companies in Sleepy Eye are welcome in this category, as are publishing or printing companies.

Moving companies and self-storage companies are accepted here, as well.

Funeral home sites in Sleepy Eye may be submitted to this category.

Utility companies, whether public or private, may be listed in this category. These may include gas, electric, propane, and water companies. Gas stations, however, should be submitted to the Places to Shop category, if one exists, or to the parent Sleepy Eye category.

Telephone companies, cellular phone companies, cable television companies, and Internet service providers in Sleepy Eye are appropriate for this category. Those based outside of Sleepy Eye may be submitted to this category is the contains a section dedicated to Sleepy Eye.



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