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This is a guide to the small Marshall County city of Stephen, Minnesota. The city's peak population was 904 in 1970. Due in large part to its relative isolation, the population has mostly decreased since that time.

US Highway 75 skirts the eastern part of the city, serving as the main route to and from Stephen. The North Dakota border is fifteen miles to the west of Stephen, and the Canadian border is about forty miles north. The city of Argyle is approximately nine miles north-northwest, and Donaldson is about eight miles north.

The Tamarac River winds through the lower part of the city.

Stephen was settled in the late 1800s, in what was Tamarack Township. In 1878, the settlement in a sheltered area south of the Tamarac River, where its first building was a section house for the Great Northern Railway. A post office was established in 1879, then known as Tamarack. In 1883, the village was moved to its current site and incorporated as Stephen, named for George Stephen, an associate of James J. Hill in the construction of the Great Northern Railway, and later president of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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