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This is a guide to churches and other places of worship in the city of Stillwater, Minnesota.

Most, if not all, of the places of worship in Stillwater, are Christian churches from the various Catholic and Protestant denominations and sects, but any topic related to faith or spirituality in Stillwater is appropriate for this category, regardless of the nature of the religion.

When the region was settled in the 1850s, churches organized overnight. By 1888, there were fifteen churches in Stillwater. Although many of the early churches have since closed, moved, or merged to form other congregations, some remain.

Stillwater's older congregations include Ascension Presbyterian Church (1938), the First Presbyterian Church (1849), Saint Michael's Catholic Church (1853), Saint Mary's Catholic Church (1865), and Saint Paul Lutheran Church (1870). Of course, Stillwater also has several newer congregations.

Ascension Episcopal Church began long before the town was officially formed. The church traces its origins back to Ezekiel Gear, a chaplain from Fort Snelling, who conducted the first services at the place that would later become Stillwater. Its first regular minister was the Reverend E.A. Greenleaf, who also initiated the first marriage in Stillwater. The congregation met in homes until its first church building was constructed in 1853.

By then, the First Presbyterian Church had been established, constructing the first dedicated church building in Stillwater.

Places of worship, by any name, whether they be churches, meeting places, reading rooms, temples, chapels, cathedrals, parishes, synagogues, masjids, mosques, or something else, as long as it's located in Stillwater, Minnesota, its website may be listed or submitted to this category. Other topics related to ministries or religion in Stillwater are also suitable for this category.



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