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Services and industries in the city of Stillwater, Minnesota are the focus of this guide.

Stillwater began as a lumber town, and it was the wood product industry that sparked its settlement and rapid growth. In the mid-1800s, the North Woods covered about seventy percent of Minnesota, and Stillwater had the third lumber mill in the Saint Croix Valley.

During the steamboat era, the lumber industry expanded, shipping lumber to the Midwest, and attracting immigrants to work in the mills.

Mills were built in the area before the town was developed. Local pine timber was harvested as early as the 1830s. By the 1840s, sawmills and lumber mills were located all along the Saint Croix Valley. The town of Stillwater grew up around William McKusick's sawmill. After the Saint Croix Lumber Mill, the Sawyer & Heaton Lumber Mill was Stillwater's second lumber mill. Then came the East Side Lumber Company, and the C.N. Nelson Lumber Company.

The lumber industry brought the railroads, and the railroads brought a variety of manufacturing industries. Early manufacturing plants included the Saint Croix Flouring Mill, and Northwestern Manufacturing & Car Company.

In the 1850s, breweries opened in Stillwater. Northwestern Brewery was producing 120 barrels of beer a month by 1865, but a fire destroyed it in 1868. The Joseph Wolf Brewing Company survived until Prohibition. A third brewery was Saint Croix Brewing, which was also known as Knips.

By the turn of the 20th century, the lumber industry was on the decline, and Stillwater was transitioning into a tourist and service economy.

Nevertheless, Stillwater is not devoid of manufacturing. U.S. Manufacturing & Design, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of fluid dispensing equipment for the defense and airline industries, and Diasorin develops and manufactures vitro diagnostic products.

Besides manufacturing, other topics that are appropriate for this guide includes repair services, such as computer servicing, and auto and truck repair shops. Towing companies, such as Stillwater Towing, may be found in this category. Printing companies, photographers, and web design companies can be listed here, along with local funeral homes.

Construction companies, like Peleske Construction or J.G. Hause Construction, may be found here, along with landscapers, electricians, plumbers, and other local contractors.

Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial services in Stillwater are on-topic in this category, as are law firms, such as the Magnuson Law Firm, Thole Law Firm, or the Law Office of Samuel E. Surface.

Utility companies, public or private, as well as telecommunications services in Stillwater, may be submitted to this category, if not already listed.

These and any other services or industries in Stillwater, Minnesota are the focus of topics in this category.



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