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Situated within the Superior National Forest, Tofte is one of three organized townships in Cook County, in northeastern Minnesota.

The township is bordered by Lake Superior to the south, to the west by Schroeder Township, to the east by Lutsen Township, and to the north by the West Cook Unorganized township. Following the shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota State Highway 61 is the main route through the township.

There are no cities in Tofte Township, and the only settlement in the township is the census-designated town of Tofte, on the northern shore of Lake Superior. The census-designated places of Schroeder (3.9 miles southwest} and Lutsen (9.3 miles northeast) are also located along State Highway 61. The nearest cities are Finland (24.5 miles southwest) and Grand Marais (26.6 miles northeast).

Situated within the township are the Carlton Peak Lookout, Ray Berglund State Wayside Park, and Temperance River State Park. The Gichi-Gami State Trail and the Superior Hiking Trail both run through the township.

Founded in 1898, Tofte Township was named for two brothers, John and Andrew Tofte who, along with another set of brothers, Torger and Hans O. Englsen, came in 1893, or for the hometown of both sets of brothers, who came from Tofte, in the Halsnoy district of Norway. Originally, they chose the name Carlton for the settlement, after Carlton Peak, but that name was already in use. The Toftes and the Englsens fished Lake Superior commercially, and the North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum on the east side of Bluefin Bay is a replica of the twin fish houses the brothers built after an autumn storm wiped out their first fish house in 1905. A post office was opened there in 1897, with Hans Englsen as the first postmaster. In 1899, Edward Toftey came, opening a sawmill that employed twenty-five men. The mill and most of the town were lost in a 1910 forest fire. Descendants of all three of these families have shared artifacts, photos, and other relics which are on display at the museum.

Each July 4, the Tofte 4th of July celebrations include a wilderness run/walk event, live music, a parade, fireworks, and other activities, including food and drinks.

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