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Trimont, Minnesota is the result of a consolidation of the former towns of Triumph and Monterey, both platted by competing railroads, taking its name from the first three letters of one, and the first four letters of the other.

The village of Triumph was platted in 1899, and named for the Triumph Creamery Company. A station of the Minnesota and International Railway was located in Triumph. A post office was established there in 1880, and the village was incorporated in 1901.

Monterey was created as a station of the Minneapolis and Saint Louis Railroad. A post office was established there in 1899, and the village was incorporated in 1902.

As these two villages grew, the area between them diminished, and they merged in 1959. Due to this, Trimont has two distinct business districts, both on the same street, about a half mile apart.

In 1988, Trimont Schools consolidated with Sherburn and Welcome to form the Martin County West School District. The school building in Trimont is now the MCW Trimont Elementary School.

Parks within the city include Anderson Park and Triumph Memorial Park. Anderson Park has a large shelter that can be rented for family gatherings. There are spaces for RVs, although no utility services are available. Triumph Memorial Park has a gazebo that is used for outdoor weddings and other events.

The main routes through the city are Minnesota State Highway 4, and County Roads 38 and 44. The city of Ormsby is about six miles north of Trimont, and Sherburn is about eight miles south.

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