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The city of Warren, in northwestern Minnesota, is the county seat of Marshall County.

The main routes through the city are US Highway 75 and Minnesota State Highway 1, which intersect near the center of town. The city is bordered by Warrenton Township, Boxville Township, and McCrea Township. The cities of Argyle (10.1 miles north), Alvarado (10.5 miles west), and Viking (18.3 miles east) are nearby.

The Snake River, a tributary of the Red River of the North, winds southwest through the city, entering in the northeastern city limits and exiting in the west. The Snake River is one of three rivers by that name in Minnesota. There is development on both sides of the river, which has led to significant problems with flooding, including twice in 1896, as well as in 1969, 1974, 1979, twice in 1996, and again in 1997.

A townsite was developed after the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad extended its tracks through the region in 1878, the first settler being Charles Wentzel, who came in 1879. The original town streets are laid out on a grid parallel and perpendicular to the rail line, although some of the newer additions are laid out according to a north-south grid. The Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Manitoba Railroad, which became the Great Northern Railway in 1890, also served the town, as did the Northern Pacific and Soo Line railroads.

Originally, the town was known as Farley. A post office was established under that name in 1878, then changed to Warren in 1880. There is disagreement as to the year of the city's founding. Warren celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1956, and its centennial in 1980. Warren was incorporated as a village in 1881 and became a city in 1892.

Warren was named for Charles H. Warren, a railroad official who probably never visited the city.

Although Warren is the largest city in Marshall County, it is in the southern part of the county, and its status as the county seat has been threatened more than once. The Soo Line Railroad originally planned to run its branch line from Thief River Falls to Argyle, and then west, and Argyle officials hoped that the establishment of a railroad junction there would lead to the county seat being moved from Warren to Argyle, which would have been a slightly more central location. As the line was being built, plans changed and the line went through Warren instead. In 1974, county residents petitioned twice to have the county seat moved to Newfolden, in the center of the county, citing Warren's position in the western quarter of the county, and almost at its southern border. However, their concerns never made it to the ballot box.

The population of Warren has fluctuated from the mid-1,000s to the low 2,000s since 1990. Its population increased from 108 to 648 between 1880 and 1890, then to 1,276 in 1900. its peak population has been 2,105 in 1980, but it has since declined gradually to 1,563 in 2010.

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