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This is a guide to places to eat in the city of Willmar, Minnesota.

Generally known as restaurants, these are public places that sell prepared food and drink, usually for a fee, to anyone who wants to take refreshment. Most often, restaurants are places where people sit at a table or counter to eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises, although some restaurants serve takeout, and may offer home delivery services. Some restaurants, known as drive-ins, may serve food to people who are seated in their parked cars.

Restaurants are sometimes known as bakeries, barbecues, BBQs, buffets, cafes, cafeterias, coffee houses, coffee shops, cookhouses, diners, dining rooms, drive-ins, fast-food chains, grilles, hamburger stands, hot dog stands, ice cream shops, lunch counters, luncheonettes, pizzerias, smorgasbords, snack bars, or by some other name.

Others, usually those that specialize in serving alcoholic beverages, may be known as alehouses, bars, barrooms, pubs, saloons, or taverns.

Delivery services, specializing in the delivery of prepared food, as well as catering services, are also appropriate for this category. Online guides to places to eat in Willmar may also be submitted to this category.



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