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Winnebago is situated in southern Minnesota, about thirty miles south of Mankato. The city of Winnebago is surrounded by Winnebago City Township to the north, and Verona Township to the south.

Originally, the village of Winnebago was named Winnebago City, and the township was named for the village. Later, the village shortened its name to Winnebago, while the township retained the longer name. This is a guide to the City of Winnebago and Winnebago City Township.

The chief routes through the city are US Highway 169 (Main Street), Minnesota State Highway 109 (6th Avenue), and County Roads 10 (183rd Street) and County Road 12 (1st Avenue). Nearby cities include Delavan (8.2 miles east), Amboy (9.0 miles north), Blue Earth (9.8 miles south-southeast), Easton (13.3 miles east), and Granada (13.7 miles southwest)

The Blue Earth River, a tributary of the Minnesota River, flows north through eastern Faribault County, winding its way through Winnebago City Township, just west of the city, forming a small portion of the city's southwestern border.

The first settler to stake a claim in Winnebago Township was Freeman Graves, who had tried several other places before finding the place he wanted to call home. In 1851, he claimed two hundred acres, part of which was in Winnebago Township, and the rest in Iowa. He then invited some friends to move to the area, but when the boundary lines were established, the land that his friends claimed was on the Iowa side.

Other early settlers were Asa Benson, Asa Sherman, David Salisbury, F. Monk, William Schapper, F. Rhug, and Herman Carston. In 1854 and 1855, John and Jacob Meyus, Thomas Barry, Michael Sheehan, and Timothy McCarthy came.

Winnebago was laid out in 1856, at which time it was named Winnebago City, to differentiate it, for mail purposes, from the Winnebago Indian Agency near Mankato. A post office was established as Winnebago City in 1857, although the town did not incorporate as a village until 1873. By 1905, the Indian Agency had closed, so the town dropped "city" from its name. The village of Winnebago was reincorporated in 1907 and separated from the surrounding townships in 1918. The village hosted a station of the Chicago, Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railroad.

Winnebago Township was organized in 1858, taking the name of Winnebago City Township from its largest settlement, and incorporated in 1857. Operating as a separate entity from the city, the township is rural, with a population of just over two hundred.

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