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This is a guide to Winona, Minnesota industries and services. Manufacturing and service-based companies in Winona are the focus of this category.

Manufacturing companies in Winona are, of course, appropriate for this category, along with machining, fabrication, and other production industries. Winona has a healthy industrial economy, with several large, medium, and small industries headquartered in the city, or having manufacturing facilities in Winona. These include Behrens Manufacturing, Peerless Industrial Group, Fastenal, Watlow, Cytek Engineered Materials, River City Manufacturing & Machining, and several others.

Automotive and marine repair and maintenance facilities are appropriate for this category as well, as are towing companies. For example, Ace Auto and Gordie's Towing & Repair are located in Winona.

Any other maintenance or repair facilities may be submitted to this category too, if not already listed, such as Computer Dock, a Winona computer repair and servicing company.

Construction companies, like Wapasha Construction Company, and landscaping and lawn maintenance companies, like Greg's Job Squad, would be suitable for this guide, along with plant nurseries. Others might include websites representing Winona-based electricians, plumbers, HVAC service companies, and other contractors, such as home inspection firms.

Several Winona companies offer advertising and marketing services, traditional and digital, including web design, print design, social media campaigns, search engine optimization, website hosting, and related services. Aphion, Pelaez Creative, and Vision Design Group are among them. Those that are not already listed in this guide may be submitted for consideration.

Financial companies in Winona, like banks, savings and loan companies, credit unions, mortgage companies, and insurance agencies, are on-topic in this category. WNB Financial, with two offices in Winona, offers a wide range of financial services, including personal and business banking services, wealth management services, mortgage policies, and insurance.

As a commercial and industrial center and the seat of government for Winona County, Winona is home to several attorneys and law firms. These include the Lallemont Law Firm, the Brosnahan Law Firms, and Bernatz & Van Beek.

Other services and industries that would be suitable for this category include Winona employment or job placement agencies, storage and moving companies, event planners, funeral homes and cremation services, professional photographers, publishing and printing companies, local companies providing Internet, telephone, or television services, as well as gas, electricity, propane, or water utilities, whether public or private.

These, and any other companies in Winona that would fit the description of this category, may be submitted for inclusion.



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