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This is a guide to faith, spirituality, and religion in Woodbury, Minnesota. Places of worship in Woodbury, regardless of the religion, denomination, or sect, are appropriate for this category.

As in other Minnesota communities, Christian churches were established soon after the town. Over the years, most of Woodbury's early churches either closed, moved to neighboring communities, or merged with other churches. However, new churches have taken their places and, particularly given the diversity in Woodbury, particularly during the past couple of decades, other religions have also become part of the community.

Christ Episcopal Church was located in Saint Paul from the time of its founding in 1850 to the 1970s, when the congregation moved to Woodbury.

Affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Resurrection Lutheran Church was started in 1996, meeting at Middleton Elementary School until its building was completed in 2003.

King's Quest Church started as a small group of people meeting in a living room in 1998, and which is currently in area homes or rented spaces.

Pastor Frank Sanders, Jr. founded the Spirit of Life Bible Church in 2001, serving the congregation until his death in 2012. The congregation meets at its facilities on Commerce Drive.

Lutheran Via de Cristo of Minnesota is part of the worldwide Via de Cristo Movement, which has its roots in the Spanish Catholic Cursillo, and became associated with the Lutheran church when Lutheran clergy and laypeople attended a Catholic Cursillo in 1971, in Iowa and Florida. The movement came to Minnesota in the early 1980s, offering a focus on Christian action in churches, communities, and homes.

Founded in 2009, the Islamic Society of Woodbury - East Metro is a center for the Muslim community in the eastern Twin City suburbs. Its Masjid is also near Wisconsin, and convenient to Muslims in the western part of that state. ISWEM also operates an Islamic Learning Center for preschool students and weekend classes for those five and older.

Other places of worship in Woodbury include, but are not necessarily limited to, Crossroads Church, Eagle Brook Church, Fellowship Church, Five Oaks Church, Grove United Methodist Church, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Liberty Church, New Life Church, Saint John Lutheran Church, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Woodbury Baptist Church, Woodbury Church of Christ, Woodbury Community Church, and Woodbury Lutheran Church

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