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The city of Wyoming, Minnesota is in Chisago County, in the mid-eastern part of the state.

Wyoming borders the cities of Chisago City, Columbus, Forest Lake, and Stacy, as well as Lent Township and a small portion of Linwood Township, in Anoka County.

The principal arterial route through the city is Interstate Highway 35. Other major arterials are US Highway 61 (S Forest Boulevard) and US Highway 8 (Lake Boulevard). Minor arterials include Chisago County Roads 22 (Wyoming Trail), 30 (N Forest Boulevard), 36 (295th Street), and 62 (Kettle River Boulevard).

The confluence of the Sunrise River and the South Branch of the Sunrise River is in the mid-northern portion of the city. The South Branch flows south-southwest, crossing Wyoming's west city limits at the center, while the Sunrise River winds generally north, entering in the south, and feeding Comfort Lake.

Lakes within the city include Ashton Lake, Comfort Lake, and Heims Lake. Bordering the city are Higgins Lake, Little Comfort Lake, Sam Lake, and White Stone Lake.

Parks within the city include Ashton Park, Banta Park, Blue Spruce Park, Centennial Park, Comfort Lake Access, Comfort Lake Estates Park, Fireside Park, Goodview Park, Hawk Meadows Trail, Lions Park, Tolzmann Park, Town Hall Park, Sunrise Ridge Park, Sunrise Trail, Swenson Park, Verges Memorial Park, Verges Playground, and Railroad Park.

Additionally, the Swedish Immigrant Trail project seeks to build and maintain a twenty-mile trail connecting Wyoming to Taylors Falls, via Chisago City, Lindstrom, Center City, and Shafer, using an abandoned railroad corridor that parallels US Highway 8. When completed, the trail will be open to bicyclists and pedestrians, with portions open to horses and snowmobiles.

Maintained by Chisago County, Sunrise Prairie Trail is a paved, off-road path for hikers, bicyclists, and inline skaters, with a parallel unpaved section open to snowmobiles in the winter, and to horseback riders the rest of the time. It follows the former Burlington Northern Railroad right-of-way between North Branch and Hugo, with bridges crossing Hardwood Creek and the south and west branches of the Sunrise River.

Since Wyoming, Minnesota first appeared on a census in 1910, its population has increased every decade except for the 1920s when there was a loss of just over fifteen percent. The community was largely agricultural until the 1970s, when its population increased by more than a hundred percent, and it has experienced large increases since, including an increase of more than a hundred and fifty percent between 2000 and 2010.

The first permanent white settlers in Wyoming came in 1855. These include six families of recent German and Dutch immigrants, who were soon joined by families from Saint Paul, and from Chicago, Illinois. It was named, not for the state, but for the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania.

Wyoming was the first stop on a stagecoach route from Saint Paul to Duluth. The stagecoach would usually stop for the night, and its horses were changed in Wyoming. The stage stop is gone, but it was located just west of US Highway 61 in the southern part of the city's Industrial Park.

When trains replaced the stagecoach, the stage stop housed the railroad crew while they were laying tracks for the Saint Paul & Duluth Railroad Company along the old stage road.

Wyoming was first organized as Wyoming Township in 1858. Most of the township was included in the village, and the remainder was annexed by Chisago City, Stacy, and Wyoming in 2008, rendering the township defunct.

A post office was established in Wyoming in 1856, and the townsite was platted in 1869, when the Saint Paul and Duluth Railroad completed its line to that point, taking its name from the township.

In 1864, there was a log church in Wyoming. A Lutheran church was built in 1868 and, by 1874, there was a one-room log schoolhouse. The schoolhouse was replaced by a two-story building in 1898. By 1915, the village had a newspaper, a bank, a baseball team, two barber shops, a hotel, an opera house, an orchestra, a potato market, and electric lights.

The city's population is concentrated along the South Branch of the Sunrise River, while the northern portion of the city is far less densely populated.

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