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Education in Minnesota is accomplished through a variety of public, religious, and private sources, at all levels of education.

This is a guide to statewide educational institutions, programs, services, and informational sources.

Public K-12 education in Minnesota is provided through school districts which are overseen by the Minnesota Department of Education. Most of the school districts in the state are designated as Independent School Districts, which operate under the authority of the Minnesota State Legislature.

The first charter school in the country was the City Academy High School of Saint Paul, which was created in 1992.

Although Minnesota has not approved a school voucher system, it did enact an education credit system in 1997 which offers families refundable tax credits for non-tuition educational expenses, such as tutoring, after-school educational programs, and books. Students in Minnesota have school choice options by law, which include open enrollment, charter schools, and approved public online schools.

Additionally, there are several private and religious school options to public school education in Minnesota, although such may not be available everywhere in the state.

At the higher educational levels, there are approximately two hundred post-secondary institutions in Minnesota, the largest being the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota system also has campuses in Crookston, Duluth, Morris, and Rochester.

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, which is separate from the University of Minnesota, has thirty-seven public universities and colleges on fifty-four campuses throughout the state.

The largest private university or college in Minnesota is the University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, while Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Center City is the smallest post-secondary institution in the state, and Century College in White Bear Lake is the largest community and technical college in Minnesota.

Chartered in 1851, the University of Minnesota is the oldest public college or university in the state, while Hamline University in Saint Paul is the oldest private college or university, having been founded in 1854.

Additionally, there are several private colleges and universities operating within the state.

For the purpose of categorization, topics related to education or learning in Minnesota, in general, may be listed in this category, along with college or universities that have campuses in two or more cities within the state, whether public, private, or religious. Agencies and organizations whose chief purpose relates to education in Minnesota may also be listed here.

Public school districts and local school websites should be listed in the Cities & Towns category that represents the city where they are headquartered or located, and colleges and university websites should be listed in the category where they are located, although those with multiple locations may also be listed in this category.



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