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This is a guide to news and media outlets with a significant reach in Minnesota, as well as statewide media associations.

With approximately three-fourths of the state's population, the Twin Cities area is the largest media market in the state and the fifteenth-largest in the country. Other significant markets in the state include the Fargo-Moorhead area, the Duluth-Superior area, the area that includes Rochester, Mason City, and Austin, and Mankato.

The largest daily newspapers in Minnesota are the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, the Pioneer Press in Saint Paul, the Duluth News Tribune in Duluth, and the Post-Bulletin in Rochester. The largest student newspaper is the Minnesota Daily, the campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Newspapers with statewide distribution may be listed to this category as well as to the Cities & Towns category that represents the city it is headquartered in.

Two of the largest public radio networks in the country are based in Minnesota. Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) operates a 46-station regional radio network in the upper Midwest. Operating as American Public Media, MPR is the second-largest producer and distributor of national public radio programs and cultural programming. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Public Radio International (PRI) operates more than 860 public radio stations in the United States, offering more than two hundred and fifty hours of programming each week.

Minnesota's oldest radio station, KUOM-AM, began in 1922 and is among the ten oldest stations in the United States. It broadcasts a college rock format from the University of Minnesota.

The earliest television broadcaster in Minnesota was KSTP-TV. Owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, KSTP is now the only locally owned television company in the state.

Television and radio stations that reach a largely local audience should be listed in the Cities & Towns category representing their physical location. Those that have a statewide - or mostly statewide - reach may also be listed in this category.

Statewide magazines may also be listed in this category, particularly those whose focus is on Minnesota.

Online or alternative news outlets whose focus is statewide, or larger, may be listed in this category, as well as in the appropriate Cities & Towns category.

Associations or other organizations representing newspaper, magazine, radio, television, or other Minnesota media outlets may be listed in this category, as may directories or guides to Minnesota news and media outlets.



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