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People and society in Minnesota are the focus of this guide.

Cartoonists, illustrators, musicians, painters, sculptors, and artisans with statewide renown may be listed in this category, while local artists should be listed in the Cities & Towns category that represents their residence or hometown. Associations or organizations representing artisans in Minnesota are also appropriate for this category.

Other organizations and associations may be listed here as well, except where another category might be more appropriate. For example, associations representing police or firefighters would be better placed in the Health & Public Safety category. Statewide or regional chapters or councils of Boy Scouts may be listed here, while local packs or troops would be listed in the category representing the city they are chartered in. State chapters of various civic organizations are suitable for this category as well, while the local clubs would go in the appropriate city category.

Other topics that might be listed in this category include issues relating to Minnesota, as a whole, and the state chapters of issue organizations, such as the Republican Party of Minnesota, or any other political party.

Memorial sites of statewide import may also be submitted for consideration in this category, such as those commemorating fallen soldiers or those recognizing the victims of one tragedy or another.

Sites recognizing significant people in Minnesota, such as Minnesota governors, would be ideal for this category.



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