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Attractions and events in the state of Minnesota are the focus of this guide.

Things to do in Minnesota may include attending a concert or show, taking part in a festival, fair, or some other event, or either participating or watching a sporting event, such as a baseball game, hockey game, or some other sport, at any level of play. With its lakes, rivers, and four-season climate, recreational activities in Minnesota abound.

Places to go in Minnesota might include any of its several ballparks, theaters, opera houses, art galleries, libraries, museums, or historical places, or it could include a bowling alley or some other entertainment venue.

However, most attractions and events in Minnesota are tied to a geographical location within the state and should be listed in the appropriate subcategory of the Cities & Towns category that corresponds to its physical location, rather than in this category. While sports teams generally travel to different locations for games, they nevertheless have a home field, so sports teams should be located in the category that represents the city in which they are based.

There may be exceptions for regularly traveling shows or productions, for events that are held in different cities around the state from year to year, or for those, such as a trail system, that extends over an area that includes several Minnesota cities, but most attractions and events will be listed in the Cities & Towns category.

However, for the most part, the appropriate topics for this category will be guides or directories of places to go and things to do in Minnesota, as well as websites that have been created for the purpose of promoting Minnesota attractions and events.



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