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Ackerman, Mississippi is the county seat of Choctaw County. James P. Coleman, the 52nd governor of Mississippi, was born in Ackerman, and Raymond Mabus, Jr., the 75th governor of the state, grew up in Ackerman. Ackerman got its start in 1885 when the Illinois Central Railroad completed its track through the southern part of the county, and was named for a railroad official. Established to become the new county seat, a courthouse was constructed in Ackerman in 1887. In 1904, the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad completed a track through the town that ran north and south, intersecting the Illinois Central line, greatly adding to the growth of the town, with many people from Chester, the former county seat, moving to Ackerman. Nearby towns include Chester, Fentress, Highpoint and Tollison, with the Tombigbee National Forest to its east, southeast, and south.



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