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Situated in northeastern Mississippi, Booneville, the seat of Prentiss County, was named for the Boone family, early settlers who were related to Daniel Boone. The land that the town was built on was bought by B.B. Boone, G.H. Williams, and W.P. Curlee. Booneville was incorporated in 1861. During the War of Northern Aggression, Booneville was in the path of advancing and retreating armies from both sides. Several skirmishes took place in and around Booneville, including one battle, the Battle of Booneville, which occurred on July 1, 1862, shortly after the Union victory at Shiloh. Union Major General Henry W. Halleck moved his troops toward Corinth in preparation for laying siege to the town. However, Confederates under General Pierre G.T. Beauregard moved toward Tupelo in late May. In late June, Halleck moved his forces south, at which time he learned that the Confederates, then under General Braxton Bragg, were advancing toward Corinth. Union Colonel Philip Sheridan established a position south of Booneville on June 28, anticipating the Confederate attack, which occurred on July 1. The Union forces were not only able to withstand the Confederate attack but followed with an offensive move on the Confederate's rear and left flank. Due largely to his victory at Booneville, Sheridan was promoted to general. Nearby communities include Altitude, Blackland, Frankstown, Geeville, Jumpertown, New Hope, New Site, and Thrasher. Tupelo is about thirty miles to the south.


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