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Brookhaven is in Lincoln County, Mississippi, and serves as the county seat. Prior to the settlement of the area by European-Americans, the region was part of Choctaw territory. Brookhaven was founded by Samuel Jayne in 1818, and named for the town on Long Island, New York. In 1858, the railroad connected Brookhaven with New Orleans to the south and to Memphis to the north. During the War of Northern Aggression, the town was occupied by Union cavalry under the command of Colonel Benjamin Grierson, who burned several public buildings and destroyed the railroad on April 29 of 1863. The railroad was rebuilt and continues to serve the community, as one of twelve daily stops between Chicago and New Orleans for the Amtrak line known as the "City of New Orleans." Surrounding communities include Fair River, Loyd Star, Montgomery, Thayer, Vaughn, and West Lincoln. Jackson, Mississippi is about fifty-four miles to the northeast.


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