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Carrollton is the county seat of Carroll County, Mississippi. Carrollton is situated in the center of the county, on the south side of Big Sand Creek. The city borders North Carrollton, on the other side of the creek, and many local consider the two towns to be one, referred to as Carrollton. State Highways 17 and 35 pass through the middle of the town, leading north to North Carrollton, while Highway 35 continues north to Holcomb, then southeast to Vaiden, while Highway 17 runs south to Lexington. US Highway 82 passes through the southern part of the city, east to Winona and west to Greenwood. Basil LeFlore, governor of the Choctaw Nation from 1860 to 1875, was born near Carrollton. Carrollton was the site of a mass attack on March 17, 1886 on a group of black citizens in a room at the courthouse, and on the courthouse grounds, leaving ten dead at the scene and another thirteen to die of their wounds later. No arrests were made.



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