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Carthage is the county seat of Leake County, Mississippi. Founded in 1834, the first settlers in the area were the Harris family, who named the town for their former home place in Tennessee. In turn, Carthage, Texas was named for Carthage, Mississippi. A courthouse and jail were constructed in 1836, and a post office was built in 1837. Carthage was incorporated in 1876. The town's early economy was fueled by agriculture. Although a railroad was built through the town, it didn't play a large part in the town's development. Currently owned by Tyson Foods, a chicken processing plant originally owned by Choctaw Maid Farms, is said to be the largest in the world. The Chambers Brothers originated in Carthage. Nearby communities include Freeny, Gill, McAfee, Redwater, and Wiggins. Jackson, Mississippi is about fifty-five miles southwest of Carthage.



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