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Chunky, Mississippi is a small town in Newton County, about ten miles west of Meridian. The town was named for a Choctaw Indian village known as Chanki Chitto, derived from a Native American ball game played with Chunka Stones. The original white settlement was adjacent to the Choctaw village, and was known as Chunkyville, which had a post office in 1848. But, in 1861, the Alabama and Vicksburg Railroad ran its tracks two miles north of Chunkyville and established a depot named Chunky, after which the people and businesses of Chunkyville began moving to Chunky, and the former town became extinct in 1868, when its post office was discontinued and the town became part of Chunky. The only remnant of Chunkyville today is the St. Mark Cemetery, where many of its early residents are interred. The Chunky Creek Train Wreck of 1863 occurred on the Chunky River near Chunky when a train carrying Confederate troops $800,000 in cash from Meridian fell into the river when the bridge collapsed. Choctaw Confederate Indians led the rescue and recovery efforts. Forty of a hundred passengers lost their lives. An investigation determined that a winter flood had caused a build up of debris which shifted the bridge trestle. Although the town's economy was once based on the lumber industry, today the Chunky River has fueled its tourism and recreation industries. The town is accessed by Interstate Highway 20, which passes just north of Chunky, and US Highway 80, which passes through town. Besides Meridian, other nearby towns include Graham, Hickory, and Meehan. Jackson, Mississippi is about seventy-five miles west of Chunky.



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