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The small town of Como is in Panola County, bordering the Mississippi Delta and the northern part of the state. Developed for cotton production and agriculture, the town was dependent upon slave labor during the antebellum years, and relied largely on black farm laborers after the slaves were freed. From the 1880s until the Great Depression, Como had a large percentage of millionaires per capita. When cotton production became mechanized during the 1900s, many farm workers lost their jobs, and the town’s relative isolation made it difficult for new economies to develop. Today, while agriculture is still important, the community has promoted itself as an entertainment destination and artist community, known for its famous Blues artists, in particular. Several Blues musicians and other music artists have lived in or near Como, including Fred McDowell, Jessie Mae Hemphill, Napoleon Strickland and Othar Turner, as well as Jimbo Mathus, Luther Perkins and Joe Henderson. Como is situated west of Interstate Highway 55 and east of US Highway 51. Surrounding communities include McGhee to the north, Sardis to the south, and Kings Corner to the west.



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