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Corinth is the county seat of Alcorn County, in northeastern Mississippi. The community was founded in the early 1800s as Cross City, named for its position as a junction for the Mobile & Ohio Railroad and the Memphis & Charleston Railroad. Later, its name was changed to Corinth, a city in Greece that also served as a crossroads. Its location along the railroad made Corinth an important city for the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression. After the Battle of Shiloh, Confederate General Beauregard retreated to Corinth, with Union General Henry Halleck in pursuit, later abandoning the city after what was known as the Siege of Corinth. Troops under Union General William Rosecrans also came to Corinth, and the Second Battle of Corinth occurred over a couple of days in early October, 1862, when Confederate Major General Earl Van Dorn attempted to retake the city, successfully taking it back but only to be forced out the same day when Union troops were reinforced. Several antebellum and Civil War era buildings in Corinth are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently, Corinth is situated at the intersection of US Route 45 and US Route 72, while Mississippi Highway 2 and Mississippi Highway 145 also lead to or through Corinth. Nearby communities include the Mississippi towns of Kossuth and Farmington, as well as Eastview, Guys, Michie and Ramer, Tennessee. Bridge Creek, Elam Creek, Phillips Creek, and Turner Creek flow through portions of the city. The former Major League baseball player, Don Blasingame, grew up in Corinth and attended Corinth High School.


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