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Situated just north of Biloxi, in Harrison County, D’Iberville, Mississippi was named for Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur d’Iberville, a French explorer who explored the area in 1699, although D’Iberville was not incorporated as a city until 1988. The area now known as D’Iberville has been known by several names throughout history. Post offices in the area have used included Harvey, Quaves, Lazarus, and Seymour through the 19th century. During the first part of the 20th century, the area was known as Seymour, North Biloxi and d’Iberville, but when the area school district adopted the name D’Iberville in the 1920s, that name came into general use. For most of its history, D’Iberville was separated from Biloxi, across the bay, by the natural barrier of the bay itself but, in 1901, a pedestrian bridge was built to connect the two communities, and that was followed by the Biloxi-North Biloxi Bridge in 1927. This encouraged the larger city of Biloxi to consider annexation of the community, which prompted a call for incorporation in order to avoid annexation by Biloxi, which became a reality in 1988. D’Iberville is a Mississippi Gulf Coast city situated on the north shores of the Back Bay of Biloxi, across the bay from Biloxi and Kessler Air Force Base. Gulf Hills and Ocean springs are to the east of D’Iberville, while the smaller community of Cedar Lake is just northwest of the city. Further west are Loraine and Orange Grove, and the southern portion of the DeSoto National Forest are north of D’Iberville.



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