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Located in Hinds County, Mississippi, the town of Edwards was named for R.O. (Dick) Edwards, who owned and operated the Edwards House in Jackson, Mississippi. Settled in the 1820s and 1830a by emigrants from the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee, the community was originally known as Amsterdam. However, in 1832, the town suffered from a severe cholera epidemic, and was bypassed by the Alabama and Vicksburg Railroad in 1839. The town became known as Edwards when the R.O. Edwards plantation became a stop along the railroad known as Edwards Depot. The depot was burned by Union troops in 1863 to prevent its use during the War of Northern Aggression. The current townsite was chosen in 1866, and the town was incorporated as Edwards in 1871. In 1897, the yellow fever killed a significant number of the town’s residents. Edwards is located in the western part of the county, about two miles west of Jackson, the state capital, and fifteen miles east of Vicksburg, Mississippi.



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