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The small town of Falkner, Mississippi was named for William Clark Falkner, the great-grandfather of the author, William Faulkner, who was president of the Ripley Railroad Company. The railroad began in 1872, reaching from Middleton, Tennessee to Ripley, Mississippi, and its first and only depot, known as Falkner Station, was located where Falkner is today. A town formed around the railroad depot, and was incorporated in 1892. Later the town aldermen had the incorporation abolished in order to avoid having to pay a share of the construction costs for Highway 15, and the community didn’t incorporate again until 1962. Situated about eight miles north of Ripley along Highway 15, Falkner is a small town with a school and a few businesses. Besides Ripley, other nearby communities include Brody, Collinstown, Crumtown, Gravestown, Mitchell, Tiplersville, Walnut, and Whitten Town. The Holly Springs National Forest is west of Falkner. Tupelo, Mississippi is about fifty-five miles to the southeast, and Memphis, Tennessee is about eighty miles to the west.



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