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A part of Alcorn County, Farmington is a small town in northeastern Mississippi. Prior to being bypassed by the railroad, Farmington was a prosperous village. The area was settled by European-Americans even before 1832, when the Choctaws and Chickasaws were displaced by the United States government. The town’s early settlers were primarily Baptists from North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, and the Farmington Baptist Church was established in the early 1800s, although the town was not formally founded until 1837 and incorporated in 1838. Additional area was annexed to the town in 1839 and 1842, and the Farmington Academy was established there in 1839. Before long, the town had, besides the church and school, several homes, a couple of general stores, a post office, blacksmith shop, saddle and harness shop, and a wheat-fan manufacturing plant. A Masonic Lodge was established in 1849. However, in 1855, the Mobile and Ohio Railroad and the Memphis and Charleston Railroad came through, bypassing Farmington by four miles, where another town grew up, first known as Crosstown, later to be renamed Corinth. Many of Farmington’s businesses and merchants moved to be nearer the railroad. During the War of Northern Aggression, Farmington experienced a few skirmishes in May of 1862, followed by a full battle on May 9, which was variously known as the Battle of Farmington and the Farmington Races, pitting Confederate troops under the command of Major General Earl Van Dorn against Union forces under the command of Major General John Pope. Far outnumbering the Confederates, Pope was unwilling to come out into the open to give battle. However, most of the stores and homes in Farmington were destroyed, including the church. Unable to remain chartered after being burned in 1862, Farmington reincorporated in 1997. Nearby communities include Burnsville and Corinth, as well as Guys, Michie and Ramer, Tennessee.



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