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Named for Flora Mann Jones, an early settler, the town of Flora is in Madison County, Mississippi. The community was settled at least as early as 1820, as graves in the Flora Cemetery date to 1821. Its post office was established in 1883, the year that Flora became a stop on the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad, and the town was incorporated in 1996. Located just north of Flora, the Mississippi Ordnance Plant began producing propellant and igniter charges for large-caliber guns in 1941. The science fiction author, Cyril M. Kornbluth, was an employee. Operated by General Tire, the plant had a policy that African-American employees could be employed only in low-level positions, and could work in production jobs only if no white men were available. A local group of African-American citizens met to protest this policy in 1941. After World War II, the Mississippi Department of Education planned to turn a part of the plant into a vocational school for African-Americans, but white residents protested to the governor and the plan was abandoned. Flora is located along US Highway 49 and Mississippi Highway 22. Nearby communities include Annandale, Bentonia, Brownsville, Green Crossing, Livingston, Mechanicsburg, Stokes, and Vernon. Jackson, Mississippi is about twenty-five miles southeast of Flora.



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