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French Camp is a small town in western Choctaw County, Mississippi. It is bordered on the south by Attala County. The Natchez Trace Parkway passes through the town, crossing Mississippi Highway 413 just west of the town’s center. Other nearby communities include Ackerman, Chester, Fentress, Huntsville, McCool, Poplar Creek, and Weir. Tupelo, Mississippi is about eighty-five miles northeast of French Camp, Jackson is about ninety miles southwest, and Meridian is about ninety-five miles to the southeast. The origins of the town date back to 1810 when Louis Lefleur, a Frenchman, established a trading post and inn there, along the Natchez Trace. Louis was married to Rebecca Cravat, a Choctaw princess, and they had a son who they named Greenwood. He also became the last chief of the Choctaws east of the Mississippi River. The Choctaw natives and others in the area referred to it as the Frenchman’s Camp, which was later shortened to French Camp. French Camp Academy, a Christian boarding school, was established in French Camp in 1885, originally for girls only. The Academy currently enrolls boys and girls, and is situated on nine hundred acres. The town is also served by the Choctaw County School District, which operates French Camp Elementary School.



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