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Situated in the northeastern part of Mississippi, the city of Fulton is the county seat of Itawamba County. Vernon Presley, Elvis Presley’s father, was a resident of Fulton. Although no towns were established at that early date, but European-American settlers were living in the area that was to become Itawamba County in the 1700s. The Spanish had explored the area in 1540, but the next record of Europeans was when the French came in 1736. However, when they first arrived at Ackia, the Indians displayed a British flag, so the British were there as early as the 1730s. By the late 1700s, middle Tennessee and the Natchez area were settled, and an old Indian trail linked the two areas. This became the Natchez Trace when it was cleared by the U.S. government in 1802. By the time that the Chickasaws were removed from the area in the 1830s, much of their land had already been taken by white settlers, some of whom were living in the Chickasaw huts. Itawamba County was organized in 1836, and the site of present day Fulton was chosen as the seat of government in 1837, although a courthouse wasn’t built for several years. By the 1840s, the new town has stores, blacksmith shops, doctor’s offices, and lawyer’s offices. A stage line ran from Aberdeen through Fulton, continuing north to where Ryan’s Well now is. By the 1850s, most area residents were small farmers, as the land was not suited for large plantations. Fulton is situated along the eastern banks of the Ballardsville, Centerville, Greenwood, Shiloh, Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Nearby communities include Beans Ferry, Fairview, Mantachie, Oakland, Tilden, and Tremont. Tupelo, Mississippi is about twenty miles west of Fulton.


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